ABA Therapy

ABA therapy

All children exhibit challenging behaviour at some point of time or the other, specially abled children do so many times more than their neurotypical counterparts. Teaching a child environment appropriate behaviour can be a daunting task, especially if the parent is not provided with the requisite knowledge.

ABA stands for Applied behaviour Analysis, an established set of behavioural and educational principles that help children learn age appropriate social and academic skills. This method is recommended by childcare professionals the world over. ABA therapists study the Antecedents that lead to a Behaviour and whether a certain consequence encourages or discourages it (the ‘ABC’ principle of behaviour management). This method is then used to collect enough data to create a plan that encourages a child to act in an appropriate manner and complete a set task by keeping him motivated and rewarding him with positive reinforcement.

At EduPlay Therapy trained ABA therapists encourage your child to give up on unacceptable behaviour by not rewarding it and by redirecting their energy towards something constructive. We also train the parents to deal with challenging situations by using methods such as providing positive reinforcement, increasing socialisation and communication by redirecting the childs energy.