EduPlay Therapy

group therapy

Group therapy focuses on teaching social and communication skills to children with Special needs. These sessions are conducted in small groups consisting of 2 or more kids, who will be directed by a trained therapist. Children are grouped together on the basis of their age, linguistic skill and social- emotions aspects.

These sessions complement other therapies and help children become productive members of society. Group therapy can have several advantages, including : –

  • In a social group, children learn how to behave in a social situation.
  • They can learn about the importance of friendship and companionship
  • Improve their social participation.
  • Help in the reduction of anxiety symptoms and depression to an extent.
  • Group therapy help children to follow the rules of a game and develop their cooperative play skills
  • This encourages children to communicate well.
  • Learning of social rules such as greeting others, understanding humour and understanding emotions of others.
  • Help them to interpret nonverbal and verbal communication cues.
  • Prepare them to follow the rules and thus help them to enroll in a social system.
  • Help to reduce behavioural deviations to an extent.
  • The development of social skills can help them to be successful in academic and vocational settings.
  • Develop their empathy, helping and sharing skills.
  • Increase participation in recreational activities.