Speech Therapy services

speech therapy

Children with developmental delays often have deficiencies in receptive and expressive language, some even have oral motor difficulties or hearing impairments which further prevents development of language. Speech and Language Therapy can help children overcome these problems.

Our therapists start by performing a thorough assessment of the child’s receptive and expressive abilities which forms the basis of a comprehensive plan involving the parents that starts targeting certain actions and words in multiple ways so that the child can get familiar with so that communication can be sparked. Opportunities are created for the child to interact with others and all attempts at communication are rewarded. It is necessary to ensure that the child comprehends not just the sounds but the concept behind the sounds as well.

Speech Language Therapy provides children with the tools to take the first steps towards communication. It concentrates on developing the following skills.

Speech-Language Therapy increases the confidence level of in a hearing impaired child. During the sessions our professionals make a strong emotional connect with the children to give them confidence and understand their needs better. SLT helps children develop the following necessary skills

  • Preverbal skills such as eye contact, joint attention and pointing.
  • Receptive language skills to help them understand what they hear.
  • Social communication skills such as turn-taking, paying attention to others and using appropriate expression, emotions & body language.
  • Articulation and phonology skills to ensure that they can produce the full range of sounds and differentiate them accurately.
  • Expressive language skills that teach them how to use words to express their needs and feelings.
  • Two way Communication Skills– SLT builds communication skills among children and encourages them to speak in public or at home with no fear and disruption. This includes developing ability to comprehend conversation.
  • Oral motor skills that resolve eating/drinking disorders or motor difficulties that prevent a child from making certain sounds.